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Internal statement announcing new employee
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Internal statement announcing new employee

Internal statement announcing new employee

Before a new employee’s agreed start date, it’s worth announcing to your other staff that they’ve been appointed, and you can use our internal statement to do this.

A positive impression

Whilst you don’t have to formally let other staff know when a new employee has been appointed to fill a vacant or new role and what their start date is, doing so not only ends any gossip and speculation about your recruitment process, but it can also help ensure that the new employee’s start in their role goes smoothly. Our Internal Statement Announcing New Employee asks your current employees to offer the new recruit their full support once they start work, including making them feel welcome and helping them with any questions they may ask about the workplace, work systems, etc. If existing staff already know the name of the employee and their start date and that they’ve been tasked with making them feel welcome, they’re more likely to introduce themselves and actively offer their assistance, and this is going to give the employee a positive impression of your business and its values.

Scale of distribution

Depending on the size of your business, you might want to send out our statement to your entire workforce or you might want to confine it to the new employee’s particular team or department. In the latter case, it’s then probably best if the statement comes from the team’s line manager or department head. That person can also personalise the statement accordingly, e.g. they might want to confirm the employee’s previous role for their old employer and their level of experience, particularly if they’re bringing with them a wealth of skills, qualifications or experience which is going to alleviate existing workload pressures.

Be prepared

Always ensure that the logistics are in place for a new employee to start work, e.g. their workstation or tools are ready, and they have the appropriate systems access and passwords. Then during their first week, focus on your induction programme and on helping them to settle in.


Don’t send out our statement until the new employee has confirmed their acceptance of the job offer in writing, a start date has been agreed and all required pre-employment checks have been satisfactorily completed.

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