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Employee training record
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Employee training record


Employee training record

There are many reasons why you should keep track of an employee's training, for example cost or the need to undertake refresher courses. You don't want to go hunting around for this information every time. So use our employee training record to keep tabs on what a particular member of staff has (or hasn't) done training-wise. 

Keeping an eye on you

Some types of training are a necessity, e.g. an induction or manual handling course (if the employee will be involved in that type of work). Others will be qualification or skills-based. For example, perhaps the individual will be undertaking an IT training course on particular software, or needs to pass an exam before they can hold a certain position or be promoted. Also, you may wish to send them on training to improve your business, i.e. management or customer service courses. This type of training may, or may not, need to be refreshed periodically.

So if you're investing time and money in training staff, you should keep tabs on it. Plus, you don't want to forget when an update is due - this could have dire consequences for your business, particularly if it involves safety-related training. 


Questions about health

The easiest way to keep an eye on an employee's training is by using an Employee Training Record. This document allows you to quickly see the:

  • date the original training took place
  • topic covered
  • cost of the course; and
  • refresher due date.


Tip. Occasionally, an employee may be tempted to say that they went to a training course when they didn't! So get them to sign the form every time they attend one. By doing this they confirm they showed up and understood what was covered. If you later find out that they didn't go along, disciplinary action is justified!


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